BR 16202 Composite Corridor

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BRBritish Rail or British Railways 16202 CompositeCarriage having more than one class of seating, ie First and Third or latterly First and Standard. Corridor
BR 16202 20150320.jpg
BRBritish Rail or British Railways Corridor CompositeCarriage having more than one class of seating, ie First and Third or latterly First and Standard. 16202
Built By BRBritish Rail or British Railways Derby
Status In service
Number W16202
Livery BRBritish Rail or British Railways Crimson & Cream
Other numbers S16202
Built 1961
Diagram 128
Lot 30666
Type CK
TOPS code AA31
Seats 24 first, 24 standard (as built)
1977 Preserved on SVRSevern Valley Railway


16202 is a BRBritish Rail or British Railways Mark 1 Corridor CompositeCarriage having more than one class of seating, ie First and Third or latterly First and Standard. (CK) carriage. The term 'composite' refers to the use of more than one class of seating, in this case four first class compartments and three second class compartments. For the second class compartments, BRBritish Rail or British Railways followed the seating plans used by the pre-nationalisation companies in each region, with LMR and ER carriages generally having seats with arm rests allowing six passengers per compartment while WR and SRSouthern Railway carriages had no arm rests permitting 8 passengers per compartment[1].

Service and preservation

16202 was built at Derby in 1961 to Diagram 128 (AA302), Lot 30666. It entered service in the Western region in July 1961, transferring to the Southern region in February 1964.[2] It was slightly damaged in an accident, leading to an early withdrawal from service in 1977.

It was brought to the SVRSevern Valley Railway by rail from Micheldever, Hampshire by GWR 6960 Raveningham Hall on 13 May 1977.[3] The carriage was in BRBritish Rail or British Railways blue/grey livery, although a test rub-down revealed BRBritish Rail or British Railways(S) green paint underneath.[4] Most of the windows were found to be loose in their frames following the BRBritish Rail or British Railways collision and these were replaced. Following a complete interior refit, the carriage entered service in April 1980.[5] It received a ‘quick repaint’ in 1982[6] and new upholstery in summer 1986.[7] Another crimson and cream repaint was carried out in 1988, together with repairs including retiling one lavatory, provision of a replacement toilet bowl, new curtains, and re-covered arm rests in the first class.

In 1990 a number of coaches including 16202 were found to be shedding their roof paint, which was stripped and repainted as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Award project.[8] By 1994 the aluminium window units were coming loose, requiring drilling out the remaining pop rivets, cleaning, painting and re-bedding all of them. A further repaint was carried out at the same time.[9] The carriage was re-wheeled in 1996 and also received new curtains from the proceeds of aluminium can scrap re-cycling by the L.M.S. & B.R. Coach Fund. Two steamed up double-glazed window units were also replaced.[10]

In spring 1999 the paintwork had a ‘good scrub’ and stone chips patched up followed by re-varnishing. The roof was also stripped and repainted, and upholstery repairs carried out to all of the compartments.[11] In 2002 the first class seats were replaced, with the worn out 1970's moquette being substituted with a new blue and gold version applied by Alstom Traincare of Coventry.[12]

A further overhaul was carried out in 2005, including the replacement of a set of wheels in one bogie, buckeye and drawbar overhauls, attention to the droplights, new third-class upholstery and an internal repaint and varnish.[13] In 2010 the coach was lifted for a wheelset change and removal of asbestos from a steam pipe. To achieve this it was necessary to remove seating and heater covers, followed by re-assembly and interior decorating. The luggage racks also received attention.[14]

16202 is normally used in the BR Crimson & Cream running set, and is owned by SVR(H).

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