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[[File:BSicon WBRÜCKElocal.png|25px]]  [[Victoria Bridge]] (Br 15)
[[File:BSicon WBRÜCKElocal.png|25px]]  [[Victoria Bridge]] (Br 15)
[[File:BSicon CSTRaelocal.png|25px]] [[Eyemore Cutting]]
[[File:BSicon CSTRaelocal.png|25px]] [[Eymore Cutting]]
[[File:BSicon KRZuwlocal.png|25px]] [[Trimpley Private Road Bridge]] (Br 14)
[[File:BSicon KRZuwlocal.png|25px]] [[Trimpley Private Road Bridge]] (Br 14)

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Infrastructure maps

Hampton Loade to Bridgnorth

SVRSevern Valley Railway Infrastructure: Hampton Loade to Bridgnorth

BSicon KBHFalocal.png Bridgnorth / footbridge (Br 37)
BSicon STRbllocal.png Bridgnorth Loco Works
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Engine Shed Underpass (Br 36)
BSicon BRÜCKElocal.png Cleobury Road Bridge (Br 35)
BSicon BRÜCKElocal.png Bridgnorth Bypass Bridge (Br 34)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing north of Oldbury Viaduct
BSicon BRK3local.png Oldbury Viaduct (Br 33)
500px-BSicon TUNNEL1local.png Knowlesands Tunnel (Br 32)
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 149 (SVB)
BSicon GIPllocal.png Eardington Bank summit
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Pig Bridge (Br 31)
BSicon BUElocal.png Level crossing at Crossing Cottage
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Accommodation bridge near Crossing Cottage (Br 30)
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 148 (SVB)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Underbridge near Daddy Wood (Br 29)
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Overbridge at north end of Eardington siding (Br 28)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Eardington
BSicon SBRÜCKElocal.png Occupation bridge near Eardington ground frame (Br 27)
BSicon BRÜCKElocal.png Hay Bridge (Br 26)
BSicon BRÜCKE2local.png Culvert over Mor Brook (Br 25)
BSicon DSTR-Llocal.png Sterns
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 147 (SVB)
BSicon BRÜCKE2local.png Culvert near milepost 146¾ (Br 24)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Farm crossing north of milepost 146½
BSicon CSTRaelocal.png Little Rock Cutting
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Farm crossing south of milepost 146½
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 146 (SVB)
BSicon BUElocal.png Waterworks Crossing
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Private foot crossing to cottages north of Hampton Loade
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing near milepost 145½
BSicon BRÜCKElocal.png Underbridge at Hampton Loade (Br 23)
BSicon BHFlocal.png Hampton Loade

Highley to Hampton Loade

SVRSevern Valley Railway Infrastructure: Highley to Hampton Loade

BSicon BHFlocal.png Hampton Loade
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Farm crossing north of milepost 145
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Farm crossing near milepost 145
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 145 (SVB)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing at milepost 145
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing south of milepost 144¾
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing south of milepost 144½
BSicon HSTlocal.png Country Park Halt
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Country Park foot crossing
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 144 (SVB)
BSicon eHSTlocal.png Alveley Halt (Site of)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Alveley Miners Halt level crossing
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Severn Meadows Golf Club level crossing
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Level crossing near milepost 143½
BSicon BHFlocal.png Highley

Arley to Highley

SVRSevern Valley Railway Infrastructure: Arley to Highley

BSicon BHFlocal.png Highley
BSicon SBRÜCKElocal.png Highley Station Footbridge and Crossing
BSicon BRÜCKElocal.png Underbridge on Station Road, Highley (Br 22)
BSicon STRbllocal.png The Engine House
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 143 (SVB)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Level crossing near The Heath
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing near milepost 142½
BSicon BUElocal.png Fishermen's Crossing
BSicon BRK3local.png Borle Viaduct (Br 21)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Accommodation bridge north of milepost 142 (Br 20)
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 142 (SVB)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Accommodation bridge near Severn Lodge (Br 19)
BSicon BRÜCKE2local.png Culvert north of County Boundary (Br 18)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing north of Bank Farm
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Level crossing near Bank Farm
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Accommodation crossing near milepost 141½
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 141 (SVB)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Skeet's Farm foot crossing
BSicon BHFlocal.png Arley

Bewdley to Arley

SVRSevern Valley Railway Infrastructure: Bewdley to Arley

BSicon BHFlocal.png Arley
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Arley Station Bridge (Br 17)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Accommodation bridge south of Arley (Br 16)
BSicon WBRÜCKElocal.png Victoria Bridge (Br 15)
BSicon CSTRaelocal.png Eymore Cutting
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Trimpley Private Road Bridge (Br 14)
BSicon SBRÜCKElocal.png Trimpley Pipe Bridge (Br 13)
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 140 (SVB)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Trimpley Reservoir foot crossing
BSicon DSTR-Rlocal.png Folly Point
BSicon BUElocal.png Orchard Bungalow level crossing
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 139 (SVB)
BSicon HSTlocal.png Northwood Halt
BSicon UKLClocal.png Northwood Lane level crossing
BSicon eABZlglocal.png Tenbury Branch (Disused)
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 138 (SVB)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Accommodation bridge off Northwood Lane (Br 12)
BSicon STR+GRZqlocal.png Foot crossing off Northwood Lane
BSicon BRK3local.png Wribbenhall Viaduct
BSicon BHFlocal.png Bewdley

Kidderminster to Bewdley

SVRSevern Valley Railway Infrastructure: Kidderminster to Bewdley

BSicon BHFlocal.png Bewdley / Footbridge (Br 10)
BSicon BRK3local.png Sandbourne Viaduct (Br 9)
BSicon BRÜCKElocal.png Bewdley Bypass Bridge (Br 8)
BSicon eABZrflocal.png Stourport Branch (Disused)
BSicon KMWlocal.png Milepost 138 (BYK)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Devil's Spittleful (Rifle Range) Bridge (Br 7)
BSicon eHSTlocal.png Rifle Range Halt (Site of)
500px-BSicon TUNNEL1local.png Bewdley Tunnel (Br 6) / MP 137 (BYK)
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Stourport Road Bridge (Br 5)
BSicon eHSTlocal.png Foley Park Halt (Site of)
BSicon BRÜCKE1local.png Underbridge off Lisle Avenue (Br 4)
BSicon BRK3local.png Falling Sands Viaduct (Br 3) / MP 136 (BYK)
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Worcester Road Bridge (Br 2)
BSicon KRZuwlocal.png Hoo Road Bridge (Br 1)
BSicon STRbrlocal.png Kidderminster Carriage Shed
BSicon STRbrlocal.png Diesel Depot / Turntable
BSicon SBRÜCKElocal.png Kidderminster Footbridge
BSicon ABZrflocal.png Connection to Network Rail
BSicon STRbllocal.png Carriage Repair Works
BSicon KBHFelocal.png Kidderminster