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I live within a short walk of shed 84F (Stourbridge Junction), where I am enjoying retirement.

I am an SVR member, shareholder and Charitable Trust Patron and Guardian. I am also a life member of The 82045 Steam Locomotive Trust and the Great Western (SVR) Assoc., and a shareholder in The 4150 Fund, The Erlestoke Manor Fund, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway and Vintage Trains CBSCommunity Benefit Society, a charitable body.

All photographs that I have submitted to this site have been taken from locations accessible to the general public or under the supervision of SVRSevern Valley Railway staff with appropriate authority. Please respect the SVRSevern Valley Railway policy on lineside photography.

Testing formatting

This section has been left to show a bug which exists when formatting paragraphs on this Wiki. Correct Wikipedia practice is to place a reference after the punctuation. However on this Wiki, if the reference comes at the end of a paragraph which is followed by a section heading (for example) rather than another plain text paragraph, the following heading will be incorrectly formatted (usually indented) as seen below. The problem is not visible in preview, so if you select 'Edit' on this page and 'Show preview', the paragraphs will appear correct. The bug appeared when the 'Lingo' add-in used to support the Terminology page was first installed and is presumably due to an incompatibility with the version of MediaWiki. Danny raised a query here at the time but no response was forthcoming.

Heading 1

Indented text with reference followed by a 'line break with clear' which should clear all previous formatting. Due to the bug, the next heading is incorrectly indented.[1]
Heading 2
Indented text with reference followed by blank line only, with the reference after the punctuation. The next heading appears on the same line![2]Heading 3
Indented text with reference followed by blank line only, with the reference (incorrectly according to Wikipedia rules) before the punctuation. This works[3].

Heading 4

And so on. All these display as expected in preview mode, including an extra line between 1 and 2.


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