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BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 11 12099
12099b 20180626.jpg
12099 at Kidderminster in 2018
Built By BRBritish Rail or British Railways Derby Works
Configuration 0-6-0
Power type Diesel Electric
Status Undergoing overhaul
Loco Number 12099
Built 1952
Designed By LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway
Type Class 11
1971 Withdrawn by BRBritish Rail or British Railways, sold for industrial use
1990 Preserved, arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
2018 Ownership transferred to the SVRSevern Valley Railway Charitable Trust
Length 29ft 1½in
Weight 47.4t

Diesel Locomotives

BRBritish Rail or British Railways Class 11 12099 is the SVRSevern Valley Railway's only 0-6-0 Class 11 350hp diesel electric shunting locomotive. 120 of these locomotives were built by the LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway and BRBritish Rail or British Railways between 1945 and 1952.

12099 in main line service

12099 was built at BRBritish Rail or British Railways’s Derby Works and entered service in March 1952 at Nottingham. The locomotive retained the number 12099 throughout its working life with BRBritish Rail or British Railways service, during which it also saw service at Willesden, Springs Branch (Wigan), Crewe South, Nuneaton, Rugby and Bletchley. BRBritish Rail or British Railways service ended with withdrawal in July 1971.[1]

Around April 1972, 12099 was sold to Murphy Bros. Ltd., National Coal Board Opencast Executive, at Lion Disposal Point, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire. In October 1975, it moved to Taylor Woodrow Construction, Cwmbargoed Disposal Point, Mid Glamorgan, still carrying its BRBritish Rail or British Railways number. In 1979 it was reported as having returned to Murphy Bros., and by 1984 the engine had moved to the National Coal Board at Bowers Row, Astley, West Yorkshire. It was still listed as being in working order in 1986, but was sold to scrap dealers CF Booth of Rotherham in 1989[2].

12099 in preservation

12099 arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 26 March 1990,[3] having been acquired from Booths by The Kidderminster Shunter Fund in exchange for surplus Ruston and Hornsby 165hp Diesel Shunter 418789 Archibald[4] and intended of use as the station shunter. As acquired the locomotive was in NCBNational Coal Board orange livery.[2] It was towed to Bridgnorth on 2 August 1991 for work on axle boxes, bearings and traction equipment, returning under its own power on 15 December 1992 although still requiring much work on the electrical and brake systems.[3]

The mechanical overhaul was completed around 1995, with work on the electrical circuits taking another two years.[5] The locomotive was powered in 1997 and shunted carriages for the first time in 1998.[3] By 1999 12099 was in sufficient working order to take part in the May 'Thomas' event.[6] It was passed for line operations later the same year, although still requiring a repaint.[7].

On 20 April 2000, 12099 propelled the first rake of 10 coaches into the newly built Kidderminster Carriage Shed.[4] In summer 2001 the locomotive became derailed at Bewdley when the back siding track spread due to rotten sleepers.[8]

In spring 2003 D3022 took over duties as Kidderminster shunter following problems with 12099.[9] Test running to be returned to the working fleet took place at the end of 2006[10]

Some of the first Class 11s were built for the War Department, and in June 2013 No 12099 made an appearance in the 1940s event carrying a rather unconvincing War Department number “WD 40”.

In January 2018 the Kidderminster Shunter Fund transferred ownership of 12099 to the Charitable Trust.[11] 12099 is normally based at Kidderminster. As of 2022 it is undergoing overhaul at Kidderminster Diesel Depot.

Planned Class 11 model

In July 2019 Heljan and Model Rail Magazine announced the intention to produce a Class 11 model, expected for 2022 with 15 liveries available. 12099 is planned to be released in her NCBNational Coal Board orange livery (MRMidland Railway-515).[12]

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