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This page refers to stations and halts within the area occupied by the present day SVRSevern Valley Railway. For a list of all the stations and halts on the original Severn Valley Line, see the Pre-1963 map.

The majority of the stations on the present day SVRSevern Valley Railway survive from GWRGreat Western Railway days and retain most of their original appearance. The exception is the SVRSevern Valley Railway station at Kidderminster which opened in 1984 and was newly built on the site of the former south goods yard of the existing Kidderminster main line station. The SVRSevern Valley Railway station is officially named Kidderminster Town (in line with GWRGreat Western Railway custom of including “Town” in the name of the closer of two stations to a town, the SVRSevern Valley Railway station being around 50 yards closer to Kidderminster’s town centre than the main line station). However in everyday use on the SVRSevern Valley Railway, ‘Kidderminster’ would be taken to mean the SVRSevern Valley Railway’s station, and the same is true on this Wiki site unless otherwise stated.

Of the two active Halts, Northwood Halt features a replacement shelter, while Country Park Halt (which serves Alveley Country park) is entirely new, although located close to the original Alveley Halt.

Current SVRSevern Valley Railway stations

Schematic Map of the SVRSevern Valley Railway

BSicon KBHFa.svg Bridgnorth
BSicon eHST.svg Eardington (Disused)
BSicon HST.svg Hampton Loade
BSicon HST.svg Country Park Halt
BSicon HST.svg Highley and The Engine House
BSicon HST.svg Arley
BSicon WBRÜCKE.svg Victoria Bridge
BSicon HST.svg Northwood Halt
BSicon eABZg+r.svg Tenbury Branch (Disused)
BSicon HST.svg Bewdley
BSicon eABZgr.svg Stourport Branch (Disused)
BSicon TUNNEL1.svg Bewdley Tunnel
BSicon ABZgr.svg Connection to Network Rail
BSicon KBHFe.svg Kidderminster

View pre-1963 map

Letters shown in brackets are used to refer to stations in internal SVRSevern Valley Railway documents such as working timetables etc.

The SVRSevern Valley Railway in preservation is 16 miles long in total, the distances between the principal stations being:

  • Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade: 4½ miles
  • Hampton Loade to Highley: 2 miles
  • Highley to Arley: 2¼ miles
  • Arley to Bewdley: 3¾ miles
  • Bewdley to Kidderminster: 3½ miles

Historic SVRSevern Valley Railway stations

  • Foley Park Halt (between Kidderminster and Bewdley Tunnel, no trace remains today)
  • Rifle Range Halt (between Bewdley Tunnel and Bewdley, no trace remains today)
  • Alveley Halt (near Country Park Halt, only the level crossing and some evidence of foundations remain)
  • Eardington (still exists, but no longer used)