GWR 41277 4 plank Open Goods Wagon

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GWRGreat Western Railway 41277 4 plank Open Goods Wagon
GWR 41277 4 plank Open Goods Wagon.jpg
GWRGreat Western Railway 41277 4 plank Open Goods Wagon
Built By GWRGreat Western Railway Swindon
Status Awaiting restoration
Number 41277
Built 1890
Lot osl556
Type 4-w 4 plank open wagon
Capacity 10 tons
Telegraphic code OPEN
1986 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
1987 Restored

Goods Wagons

41277 at Bewdley Down Yard in March 2016
41277 is the oldest wagon on the SVRSevern Valley Railway. It is also the oldest known surviving and only complete example of over 18,000 four plank open wagons built by the GWRGreat Western Railway between 1886 and 1902.[1]

41277 in service

41277 was built in 1890 at Swindon to old series Lot 556.[2] The grease axle boxes were replaced with 'OK' oil axle boxes in 1910 and the original single sided brakes were upgraded in 1928 to comply with Board of Trade regulations by having a second lever operating a single shoe added to the other side.[3][4]

41277 in preservation

41277 was bought by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund in 1984 at Sharpness Docks,[5] where it is believed it had been since being condemned by the GWRGreat Western Railway in 1935.[1] It was stripped down, shotblasted and primed there before being transported to Kidderminster by road, arriving on 18 September 1986. From there it was moved to Bewdley Down Yard on Loriot D 42138.[6] Restoration was completed over the following winter, including replacing the curb rails, and rebuilding of the timber bodywork. The running gear received new bearings while the journals were also overhauled. Finally the wagon was repainted and lettered in original 1890s style.[7]

41277 is awaiting overhaul at Bewdley.

In 2022 Rapido Trains announced a commercial OO gauge model[8].

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