LNER 225641 Mineral Wagon

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LNERLondon & North Eastern Railway 225641 Mineral Wagon
Built By LNERLondon & North Eastern Railway Darlington
Status Unknown
Number 225641
Other Numbers B.S.C. 18
Built 1938
Diagram 63
Type 4-w 7-plank open
Capacity 12 tons
1969 Presented to SVRSevern Valley Railway

Goods Wagons

This 4-wheeled 7-plank Tippler wagon was built by the LNERLondon & North Eastern Railway at Darlington in 1938. It was later acquired by the British Sugar Corporation for use at the Foley Park factory where it was numbered B.S.C.18.[1]

In July 1969 225641 was one of 14 from there donated to the SVRSevern Valley Railway, of which 11 were initially used and 3 dismantled for spare parts. It was restored at Bewdley in late 1970 and branded ‘NE LOCO’ after which it was used to remove ash from the Bridgnorth MPDMotive Power Depot.[1]

The 1998 Stock Book stated that by 1990 all but 4 of the ex-BSCBritish Steel Corporation, or British Sugar Corporation wagons had been cut up as beyond economical repair, with 225641 not listed amongst the survivors.[2] The Railway Heritage Register Wagon Survey includes a photo dated May 2012 by John Bishop showing the frame of this wagon in the storage area adjacent to Kidderminster Railway Museum. As of 2015 it was no longer at that location; the current location and status are unknown.

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