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Kidderminster Ground Frame and connections. The locomotive crew are surrendering the Bewdley South-Kidderminster staff to the ground frame operator, with the ground frame situated to his left (M. Gibbons)
The ground frame in 2018

From the opening of Kidderminster in July 1984, the connections to Platform 1 were controlled by a ground frame, which was unlocked by the Bewdley South-Kidderminster staff. The 6-lever ground frame was built using parts of the lever frame from the old Stourport signal box[1].

The points at the far end of Platform 1 were controlled independently of the ground frame, while the frame itself controlled the points to Platform 1/1 Engine Line and the catch points in 1EL (the run round loop), the connection to BRBritish Rail or British Railways and the sidings[2].

The ground frame was only intended as a temporary measure until the construction of a new signal box could take place. The new signal box was commissioned on 21 November 1987, which is thought to be when the ground frame was taken out of use.

The ground frame was still present in 2018 (see lower photo). It was removed in mid-2019 for refurbishment and eventual use in the proposed Permanent Way Sidings at Foley Park,[3] where it was installed over the winter of 2019/2020.

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