GWR 93016 Mink 'A' Covered Goods Van

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GWRGreat Western Railway 93016 MinkGWR telegraphic code signifying a covered goods van 'A' Covered Goods Van
GWR 93016 20160504.jpg
GWRGreat Western Railway 93016 MinkGWR telegraphic code signifying a covered goods van 'A' Covered Goods Van
Built By GWRGreat Western Railway, Swindon
Status Operational
Number 93016
Other Numbers DW 93016
Built 1913
Diagram V16
Lot 742
Type 4-w ventilated van
Capacity 10 tons
Telegraphic code MINK A
Brakes DCIII (non-vac)
1917 Sent overseas for war service
1920 Returned from war service
1961 Condemned, transferred to departmental service in Hull
1972 Purchased for preservation
1973 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
1985 In mainline service

Goods Wagons

GWRGreat Western Railway 'MinkGWR telegraphic code signifying a covered goods van A' 93016 was one of 2,260 ten ton wooden-bodied covered goods vans built to Diagram V16 between 1912 and 1923. As built, this Diagram included DC III brakes and was not vacuum-fitted. The door used was horizontally planked with outside wooden framing and diagonals; bonnet vents (rather than shuttered louvres) provided the end ventilation. The tare weight was 6 tons 10 cwt, with an internal capacity of 880 cu ft[1].


93016 was built in Swindon in April 1913 as part of Lot 742 It was sent overseas as part of the war effort in May 1917, returning to the GWRGreat Western Railway in November 1920. It was withdrawn from service with BRBritish Rail or British Railways(W) when condemned in December 1960, but was then transferred for further use as a service vehicle by BRBritish Rail or British Railways (North Eastern Region) in March 1971[2].


93016 was one of the first vehicles to be bought by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund in 1972.[2] It arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway from Hull on 6 April 1973.[3] Restoration was begun by the 813 Fund's Paddy Goss as a long-term project,[4] but completed by the Wagon Department in late 1983. Three planks were replaced in one end and the timber over the doors renewed using iroko wood. A new roof canvas was fitted, and the underframe sandblasted. The wagon was repainted in 1913-era grey with 25 inch high GW lettering, and the word 'Ventilated' on both sides and ends.[5]

Following this restoration, 93016 was one of six wagons selected for exhibition at Swindon during the GWRGreat Western Railway 150 event which was planned for August 1985.[6] The exhibition event was cancelled after BREL announced the closure of the works, and instead 93016 took part in the main line GW 150 demonstration freight train which ran to Newport behind GWR freight loco 2857 in September.[7]

Repairs were next undertaken in summer 1993. On that occasion new doors were fitted and several body planks replaced. One side of the roof canvas was also repaired and the wagon was repainted in the same livery as before.[8] In summer 1997 the other side of the roof canvas also required repair, which was carried out at minimal cost by using an offcut from the new canvas fitted to another MinkGWR telegraphic code signifying a covered goods van A, 101961. Some additional work was also carried out to prevent door lintels from fouling the tops of the doors, and the opportunity was taken for a further quick repaint.[9]

By 2011 the patched roof canvas had suffered further splits, allowing water to damage the roof planks underneath. Several roof planks were replaced and the roof re-canvassed. The wagon was again painted in as-built grey livery with 25in lettering, as seen in the 2012 picture below.

93016 has regularly featured in the SVRSevern Valley Railway's Demonstration Goods Train, including an appearance in the 2018 Goods Gala train as seen below.

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