GWR 82554 Banana Van

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GWRGreat Western Railway 82554 Banana Van
GWR 82554 20170409.jpg
GWRGreat Western Railway 82554 Banana Van
Built By GWRGreat Western Railway Swindon
Status Operational
Number 82554
Other Numbers DW 82554
Built 1908
Diagram V12
Lot 576
Type 4-w non-ventilated van
Capacity 10 tons
Telegraphic code FRUIT B (ex MINK A)
1925 Converted to FRUIT B
1969 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
1992-94 Major overhaul

Goods Wagons

GWRGreat Western Railway Banana Van 82554 was originally built as a 'MINK A' Goods Van at Swindon in 1908 to Diagram V12, Lot 576. In 1925 it was converted to a 'FRUIT B' or Banana Van to Diagram Y5, the conversion involved the removal of vents and the installation of insulation and the end centre shuttered louvre.[1][2] The van had a capacity of 10 tons.

82554 ended its working life in DepartmentalRolling stock used for the railway’s own functions (engineering etc.) rather than for general passenger or goods traffic. use at Worcester. It arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 8 March 1969 having been privately acquired by SVRSevern Valley Railway member J Moss, and was initially restored as a Banana Van at Bewdley later that year.[3] It was then used for storage[4], but after a period of disuse it was acquired by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund in 1991.[5]

A major overhaul began in spring 1992, considered by the Wagon Department at the time to be the most extensive (and expensive) rebuild of a covered van to date.[6] Both headstocksThe underframe member across each end of a wagon carrying the buffers and coupling. Known as the Bufferbeam on a locomotive. were renewed, together with the curb rails, chassis diagonal bracing and several sections of body uprights. New body planks were fitted and the vacuum brake equipment, which had been removed prior to arrival on the SVRSevern Valley Railway, was reinstated. The roof was also re-canvassed and the overhaul completed in summer 1994.[7]

Following this major overhaul, a quick re-paint was the only work required in spring 2004,[8] while canvas repairs and a roof-only repaint were also undertaken in 2008.[9]

82554 can normally be found at Bridgnorth MPD where it is used for storage. The picture below shows 82554 at Bewdley in 2012.

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