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This thread on the SVRSevern Valley Railway Unofficial Facebook page has Richard Pearson saying " I did hear that the platform is now at Titley Junction " and Gerald Carter "Its true to say SVRSevern Valley Railway bought Burlish Halt but mainly for the platform that was made of prefabricated concrete sections. In those days it was a possibility that if the Bridgnorth bypass was built we would loose access to the station and so a run round loop would have been put on the Hampton Loade side of the bypass. By the time the bypass was built there were funds to pay for the bridge so the platform was not needed and was later sold to the Chasewater Railway . I can't find online info to support either.--Patrick Hearn (talk) 19:54, 10 April 2021 (UTC)"

The station at Titley Junction has original solid brick faced platforms so I don't think it's there, unless there is something at the other end of the running line (I've been down it on a top and tail train but we just stopped and ran back so I've no photos of the far end). There are 3 stations and a halt at Chasewater but I believe they are all solid platforms too. Not much help really.
I had a trawl through SVRSevern Valley Railway news looking for the work 'Burlish' which unfortunately didn't answer the question of who bought it, but yielded quite a bit of info which I've added here for future reference.
The platform from the Halt was originally donated to the SVRSevern Valley Railway in 1972 by the local Residents' Association who had bought that section of the trackbed.[1] The platform, plus a steel footbridge, some pointwork, and the gates, gate posts and other equipment from Burlish crossing were all stored at Bewdley. They were still there in summer 1973, with the gates destined for Northwood Crossing as recommended in Major Olver's inspection prior to opening to Bewdley.[2] Quite a bit of planning went into the Northwood crossing, including buying new gateposts as the ex-Burlish ones were found to be rotten,[3] but in the event they were never installed.
In spring 1978 the site of the former Kinlet sidings was cleared to become a store for redundant but reuseable PWPermanent Way materials, including the "Burlish footbridge kit".[4] In summer 1981 the old ground frame from Burlish crossing was installed at Arley as part of a S&TSignals & Telegraph exhibition.[5] In summer 1989 the water tank from Llangollen and the pre-fabricated concrete platform sections that once formed Burlish Halt were offered for sale.[6] They were still for sale in summer 1990, the advert stating that "The concrete sections forming the platform of Burlish Halt, near Stourport., were acquired by the Railway for re-erection. But they were never needed, and have remained at Arley since acquisition. Any preservation organisation that is interested in acquiring them for a 'nominal sum is asked to contact the Arley Station Master, Ian Latimer."[7] Ian may therefore be able to answer the question.
In 2004 Steve Downes wrote an article on Eardington including "The gates at Eardington were ex-level crossing gates, said to have come from Burlish crossing (can anyone confirm?) and this year the last survivor of the pair finally succumbed to woodrot and old age."[8] It was not subsequently reported as confirmed, but it may explain the fate of the crossing gates. The fate of the "Burlish footbridge kit" was unrecorded. --Robin (talk) 21:34, 10 April 2021 (UTC)


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