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Severn Valley Railway News is the quarterly magazine of the Severn Valley Railway Company Limited provided free to its members, and on sale for £3 as of 2019 at SVR shops. The first edition was produced in 1965, the year of the Cooper’s Arms meeting.


Editions 1-10 were A4 sheets produced on a hand-operated duplicator, the current A5 booklet format was adopted from issue 11. Since issue 11 the format has remained consistent, although increasing in size from 20 pages + covers to 72 pages in issue 208 (Winter 2019) and 64 pages in issue 209 (Spring 2020).

From issue 209 (Spring 2020) the magazine is wrapped in an environmentally-friendly potato starch envelope.

Typical contents

  • Details of the Officers of the current SVR organisations and departmental structures
  • An editorial and summary of the content
  • Diary of events
  • General Manager's Notes
  • Notes from various railway departments
  • News items
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Obituaries
  • Branch meetings
  • Small ads

Although a magazine of the Guarantee Company, it frequently includes material relating to the other SVRSevern Valley Railway organisations.


  • The first 2 issues were produced by Paul Wyers.
  • David Williams took over as editor for issue 3 in July 1966, and remarkably is still the editor as of the latest issue having held the role for over 50 years.

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