Timetable: Severn Valley Branch 1942

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This 1942 public timetable shows trains between Hartlebury / Kidderminster and Shrewsbury via the Severn Valley Branch. Times for trains originating at or returning to Worcester are included.

Although 1942 was at the height of the Second World War, the timetable still shows four weekday through services in each direction. These were:

From Shrewsbury:

  • 8.15am to Kidderminster (arr 10.06am)
  • 12.00pm to Hartlebury (arr 1.55pm)
  • 5.30pm to Kidderminster (arr 7.15pm)
  • 8.30pm to Hartlebury (arr 10.20pm) and Worcester

To Shrewsbury:

  • 7.29am from Hartlebury (arr 9.22am)
  • 10.50am from Kidderminster (arr 12.43pm)
  • 2.15pm from Hartlebury (arr 4.07pm)
  • 6.03pm from Hartlebury (arr 7.57pm)

Timetable Severn Valley Branch 1942.jpg

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