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Some comments on the Jinty's capabilities from SVRSevern Valley Railway News. Not added to the article itself but for reference if required.

  • Summer 1983 (pre-Kidderminster): When the brakes are repaired, 47383 will again be tackling 6-coach trains, although I fear the worst from previous experience and expect a few crews to come to grief with lack of steam (SVRSevern Valley Railway News 68, Locomotive Notes, John Robinson)
  • Summer 1985 (post-Kidderminster): Not used regularly due to increased SV loadings and small water capacity. Provision of Kidderminster supply could improve availability. (SVRSevern Valley Railway News 76, Locomotive Notes, John Robinson)
  • Spring 1987: also being given a full mechanical repair, so that this locomotive will now be thoroughly capable of working 6-coach trains the whole length of the line. (SVRSevern Valley Railway News 83, General Manager's Notes, Michael Draper.

--Robin (talk) 10:18, 11 September 2023 (UTC)