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I have created a page for the Burlish Branch, but the details I have on this are sketchy and any other information would be appreciated.

The notes accessed from the links page state that "Sidings on the left with a junction facing Stourport served the works of Steatite & Porcelain Products Ltd opened in 1929. Initially this was via a crossing over the Stourport to Bewdley road but this was closed in 1935 although the sidings remained in use." The first part of that statement coincides with the picture in Mitchell and Smith. The 1935 closure appears to coincide with the 1951 OS Map (survey 1938-1949) which suggests that by then, access to the goods sidings west of the road was from the north end only. Mitchell and Smith refers to the private siding passing by Burlish Halt, but there is also no trace on that map of the siding continuing towards the works, which is the large building across the road from the Halt. Was the "Burlish Branch" very short lived? --Robin (talk) 16:24, 17 January 2017 (UTC)