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Carriage Type RB signifies a Restaurant Buffet Carriage. This type of carriage had a full kitchen with cooking facilities as well as a buffet counter. This enabled hot food to be served, unlike the Restaurant Miniature Buffet (RMB) which only served light snacks.

Type RBR signifies Restaurant Buffet Refurbished. BRBritish Rail or British Railways carried out a number of 'upgrades' to Mark 1 RBs such as the installation of fluorescent lighting, although the basic configuration remained unchanged.

Following the introduction of TOPSTotal Operations Processing System, an American computer system adopted by BR from the late 1960s to number and manage rolling stock. in the late 1960s, BRBritish Rail or British Railways carriages of this class were allocated the TOPS code AJ41, denoting:

A: Passenger carrying stock
J: Restaurant Buffet with Kitchen
4: Unclassified (ie not First or Standard etc)
1: BRBritish Rail or British Railways Mark 1 carriage

The SVRSevern Valley Railway's two BRBritish Rail or British Railways Mark 1 RBs are normally used in Set S, 'The Severn Valley Limited' diner set in GWRGreat Western Railway Chocolate & Cream and Set VV, 'The Severn Valley Venturer' diner set in BRBritish Rail or British Railways maroon. LNERLondon & North Eastern Railway 643 normally serves as the buffet car in Set N, the LNERLondon & North Eastern Railway teak set.

BR Mk 1 Buffet Restaurant (RBR) no. 1678 was resident between 1996 and 2003, when it was dismantled for spares.


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