Accommodation bridge off Northwood Lane

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Accommodation Bridge 12 seen from Northwood Lane

Bridge 12 is a small accommodation underbridge allowing pedestrian access from Northwood Lane to a field east of the SVRSevern Valley Railway. This public right of way forms part of Worcestershire County Council’s Wassell Wood Circular Walk.

Construction and repairs

Repair carried out in 1915

When originally built around 1859, the piers of this bridge and nearby Wribbenhall Viaduct were constructed using sandstone from a local Bewdley quarry, the arches being turned in red brick. Over the following years this sandstone deteriorated with exposure to the atmosphere, and in 1915 the GWRGreat Western Railway carried out major structural repairs. In both cases this involved replacing the affected sandstone with blue engineering bricks.[1] The repair to this bridge includes a plaque dated 18 August 1915. A number of other bridges along the Severn Valley branch underwent repairs in the same year and carry similar date plaques, including Arley Station Bridge, the Accommodation bridge near Crossing Cottage and Pig Bridge.


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