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The West Bromwich Building Society is a leading regional building society in the Black Country and Birmingham. It was first formed as a mutual organisation in 1849 and first registered on 25 May 1928, It is registered under the Building Societies Act 1986 and is No. 651 B on the 'Mutuals Public Register'.[1] As of 2024 it was the 7th largest in the UK with some 430,000 members[2].

Severn Valley Branch Account

The Account first appeared in 2000.[3]. SVRSevern Valley Railway News included a short article referring to the amount raised for the SVRSevern Valley Railway in the first year being around £1,600.[4] The Society offered a variable rate account via its branches to SVRSevern Valley Railway supporters. A bonus was paid to SVRSevern Valley Railway each year based on average balance held in all accounts. Benefits included upgrades to 1st class from 3rd class and 10% discount on goods totalling £7 and over from the railway gift shop.[5] In May 2017 the website showed the the product as withdrawn and no longer available.

Other support

In 2022 the Charitable Trust received funds from the Society after their customers chose the Railway to receive a percentage of their interest.

Projects supported

An incomplete list of projects supported by funds from the Society are listed below.

In 2004 the Society provided funds for the overhaul of the Bridgnorth Station Footbridge
In 2007 the Society advanced funds from the account to support the railway while it recovered from the 2007 Storm Damage

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