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Often seen at Arley at weekends (when trains are running) with Mrs. S and our dog KC. In previous years it was always with a camera, but now mostly with a camcorder.

Many thousands of my SVRSevern Valley Railway photos can be seen on my website and many hundreds of SVRSevern Valley Railway videos on YouTube. There are probably many more photos & videos which I haven't yet had time to sort & upload, but maybe, one day, they will be seen. Don't panic though, I won't fill this wiki up with loads of my photos - but if I think it could be of interest to link to a photo or video, then I will do so.

I may not have much time to add content to this WiKi but hopefully will be able to assist in other ways.

If anybody wishes to add a link to a photo in my gallery, but can't get the link to work - just let me know, I will try & help. Sharpo (talk) 16:21, 16 January 2015 (UTC)