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The 200 Club helps raise funds for SVRSevern Valley Railway volunteer projects. As of 2023 the Club has been suspended[1].


In 1968 SVRSevern Valley Railway News reported that the Severn Valley Railway Society had started a '100 Club' at the instigation of the Society's Fund Raising Officer Chris George. The cost of entry was to be 5/- (25p) per week.[2] The first weekly draw for the £5 cash prize was held in May 1969, although after a further 5 weeks there were only 87 members out of the 100 (and out of a total SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society membership of nearly 1,600 at the time), with Chris George still appealing for new members.[3] There were no further reports on the club in SVRSevern Valley Railway News after that time. The SVRSSevern Valley Railway Society merged into the Guarantee Company in December 1969.

The Severn Valley Railway Association began a new 100 Club in early 1983, with membership initially managed by Paul Hobson.[4] In 1988 the Association agreed to increase the number of members to become "The 125 Club".[5]

Paul Hobson had to give up running the 125 Club during 1991 owing to 'pressure of business' and was succeeded as organiser by Colin Clark.[6] Under Colin's stewardship the Club grew to become "The 150 Club" in January 1995.[7] By winter 1997-98 it had become "The 200 Club"[8], in which form it continued to operate since.

In 2015 the Severn Valley Railway Association merged with the Guarantee Company. Colin Clark ran the 200 Club up to 2023.[9]

In 2021 it contributed £5,000 to the Railway[10].

Membership and raffles

In return for a small monthly membership fee, members could win one of five monthly cash prizes with an enhanced draw held at Christmas. All profits were reinvested in volunteer projects throughout the railway.

From time to time vacancies in the Club were advertised in SVRSevern Valley Railway News and supporters' newsletters.[9][11] Otherwise, there is no public communication.

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