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Gordon Foster was a keen supporter of the SVRSevern Valley Railway and was a Chairman of the Severn Valley Railway Association.

Gordon had an early interest in railways and was a fitter at the Birmingham Carriage and Wagon Company in Smethwick. Anticipating its closure he left and joined the police force, serving with the West Midlands Constabulary and later with the Staffordshire Constabulary.[1]

His interest in railways brought him to Hampton Loade where he was involved in the early restoration of GWR Large Prairie 4141. After that locomotive left the SVRSevern Valley Railway, Gordon transferred his main interest to the Locomotive Department at Bridgnorth where he rose from cleaner to fireman and finally to driver. He became staff representative on the Locomotive Committee and a member and later Vice Chairman of the SVRASevern Valley Railway Association.[1]

He was appointed SVRASevern Valley Railway Association Chairman in 2002 in succession to Stewart Clark.[2] In that role he was noted for his championship of volunteer workers' causes. Sadly he died unexpectedly on New Year's Day 2008 at the age of 65.[1] He was succeeded as SVRASevern Valley Railway Association Chairman by Alan Davies.[3]

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