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Cider With Rosie was a TV Movie first broadcast on 27 December 1998. It was a Carlton Television adaptation of the book by Laurie Lee, a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story set in the Cotswolds during and immediately after the First World War. It was directed by Charles Beeson, written by John Mortimer and starred Juliet Stevenson, Dashiell Reece and Joe Roberts[1].

Filming on the SVRSevern Valley Railway

Filming took place in early 1998 using 5764 at Bewdley.[2] Only around 20 seconds of footage was used, featuring a passing shot of 5764 at night and Juliet Stevenson travelling in one of the GWRGreat Western Railway non-descript saloons. The clip may be accessed via the Daily Motion video link below, starting at 23 minutes 40 seconds.

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