Case Poclain and Rexquote Road Railers

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The SVRSevern Valley Railway uses Road-Rail Vehicles, also referred to as RRVs or 'road railers', for permanent way work. RRVs are modified versions of road vehicles, in this case excavators, which retain their normal wheels with rubber tyres. They are also fitted with additional flanged steel wheels which can be raised and lowered as required, enabling them to run on rails. The flanged wheels are free-rolling with propulsion on the rails being provided by the conventional tyres.

Road railers can be used with various buckets for excavating and moving spoil, or with a flail head for clearing trackside vegetation.

Case Poclain 688

1994-built Case-Poclain 688-BP Excavator No 489 (DVLA Registration L696MRM) was first recorded on the SVRSevern Valley Railway at Kidderminster on 9 June 2007 and has been resident since.[1] Despite its age, its simple nature means it still provides useful service to the Permanent Way team. When rail-mounted it can be used either 'stand-alone' or paired with its trailer vehicle as seen below. In August 2023 the P-Way team painted and added SVRSevern Valley Railway logos to the road rail vehicles and trailers, to improve the public image.

Rexquote Super Railer

Rexquote Super Railer, fleet number 4199, is based on the Case 988 Super Railer.[2] It does not carry a DVLA registration number, but is allocated the UIC Number 99709 940193-4.

It was formerly owned by TXM Plant.[3] It was acquired by the SVRSevern Valley Railway in 2017.[4] It was sold in November 2022 to the Ribble Valley Railway after the purchase of the Komatsu 160 road railer, and left the Railway on 24 January 2023.

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