A Wreath of Roses

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A Wreath of Roses was a 1987 Granada TV movie starring Trevor Eve as Richard and Joanna McCallum as Camilla, adapted from the book by novelist Elizabeth Taylor first published in 1949.[1]

While visiting friends, Camilla becomes involved with the vaguely sinister Richard who she meets on a train journey. Despite her initial mistrust, she finds herself becoming infatuated but her involvement proves unwise and ultimately chilling[2].

Filming on the SVRSevern Valley Railway

Filming took place in August 1986[3] at Arley and Highley using locomotives 47383 (numbered as 5721), former SVRSevern Valley Railway resident 5690 Leander and 75069. For this film, a footbridge connecting Arley's platforms 1 and 2 was built as a prop.

The first 13 minutes of the film were shot entirely on the SVRSevern Valley Railway. The action begins at 'Hampton Station' (Arley), where a train hauled by '5721' arrives at platform 2 (the train is travelling south and arrives 'wrong platform', presumably for cinematic effect). It departs leaving Richard and Camilla on the platform waiting for connecting trains. As 5690 enters the station northbound at speed, they witness a man leap in front of it from the footbridge. Shaken, Camilla later boards her train, and is spontaneously joined by Richard who engages her in a somewhat sinister conversation. Passing Broad Oak (Highley signal box filmed travelling northbound), they arrive at 'Abingford' (Highley), the train being hauled by 75069 travelling southbound.

Two shorter scenes later in the film also feature 'Abingford' and 'Hampton' respectively.

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