The Thirty Nine Steps

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Film poster for The Thirty Nine Steps (1978)

The Thirty Nine Steps was a 1978 film featuring Robert Powell as Richard Hannay. During the film Hannay flees to Scotland on a train, but is forced to make a daredevil escape on a bridge when police board. The scene was filmed on Victoria Bridge using LMS Ivatt Class 2 46443 (in MRMidland Railway livery as No 644) and five of the SVRSevern Valley Railway's LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway carriages with 'Midland' stickers applied. The scene also featured the first film speaking part for an SVRSevern Valley Railway 'extra' - the driver shouting out "Come on, there's another train due, come on!" was the SVRSevern Valley Railway's John Price[1]. Another SVRSevern Valley Railway volunteer, Barrie Geens, played the part of a policeman during the search on the train, for which he was paid £7 a day for the week, plus "lots of free food"[2]

A television spin-off Hannay, also featuring Robert Powell, was filmed on the SVRSevern Valley Railway during 1987.


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