The Erlestoke Manor Fund

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7812 Erlestoke Manor
7802 Bradley Manor

The Erlestoke Manor Fund was founded in 1973 and its prime objective is To keep both 7802 Bradley Manor and 7812 Erlestoke Manor in full working order, to the highest standard, in an authentic livery, to run on a preserved railway (Severn Valley Railway) for as long as practically possible.[1]

The Fund publishes half-yearly newsletters and arranges shareholders’ events, including driving experience and special trains.

The Erlestoke Manor Fund Sales Coach is situated adjacent to the buffet and car park at Bewdley and located in BRBritish Rail or British Railways General Utility Van GUV 86105. It is normally open at weekends during the operating season.

Vehicles owned

Transfer of GWRGreat Western Railway Large PrairieLocomotive with a 2-6-2 wheel configuration 5164

In July 2020 the EMF announced it was in discussion with The 5164 Preservation Group and the SVRSevern Valley Railway regarding the proposed transfer of 5164 to the EMF, subject to the existing SVRSevern Valley Railway locomotive agreement being transferred to the Fund. The announcement noted that "The 5164 Preservation Group is an unincorporated organisation with a small, diminishing group of shareholders, who have agreed by a large referendum majority to offer the locomotive to the EMF for a nominal sum. If the transfer proceeds, this would secure the locomotive’s future within an incorporated, charitable organisation strongly affiliated to the SVRSevern Valley Railway. The EMF Trustees view 5164 as an appropriate and well-regarded locomotive which aligns with the Fund’s constitution and charitable objectives. The transfer of the locomotive would be an ideal addition to the Fund’s activities and would broaden the appeal of EMF to both current and future shareholders and supporters. Funding for current major overhaul and repair work on the two locomotives already owned by EMF – GWRGreat Western Railway 7802 Bradley Manor and 7812 Erlestoke Manor – would not be diverted onto 5164. Both Manors are progressing well towards their full return to operation on the SVRSevern Valley Railway in the not too distant future. Although requiring an overhaul, the locomotive is understood to be in reasonable condition and 5164 would remain on display undercover at Barrow Hill Roundhouse for the present."[2] In June 2021 all parties agreed the the formal transfer agreement[3].



The Fund was an unincorporated body, constituted with a Management Committee as Trustees of the Fund and the Fund's locomotives and assets. Membership was conferred on those subscribing the minimum holding of non-transferable shares, entitling the member to part-ownership of the Fund's locomotives.

Charitable community benefit society from 2018

On 10 May 2018 the Fund became a charitable community benefit society, registered (no. 7765) on the Mutuals Public Register of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.[4] It has a bespoke constitution agreed with the FCA, a corporate structure to limit the liability of trustees and members, but one that reflects the constitution, is tax efficient and still allows members to continue as shareholders.[5]

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