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Did the SVRSevern Valley Railway actually appear in this film

SVRSevern Valley Railway News 47 included several reports on filming. GM Michael Draper on page 5: "We are proud to be hosts to the film industry once more and right at this moment PINEWOOD STUDIOS are working on yet another re-make of "39 Steps" with our very own 6443 changing roles in quick succession having been disguised for a continental role in "Hanover Street" produced by EMI STUDIOS just a fortnight earlier." Permanent Way notes on page 25: Prior to this activity, the MSCManpower Services Commission or Manchester Ship Canal gang were involved in some ballasting work in connection with the filming of "Hanover Street". Altogether about 300 tons were purchased (at the Film Company's expense) and spread in the track at Knowlesands and Foley Park tunnels. Apparently the filming involved a stunt motorcyclist riding his machine along the track (and presumably being chased by a train) for the ballast has been spread over the sleepers to provide the suitable level path."

There is a version of the film available on YouTube, dubbed into foreign language but reportedly complete, which does not seem to include the action as described in SVRSevern Valley Railway News. There is scene near the end with a motorcycle chase set in Germany, which would have matched the need for 46443 to be dressed as a foreign loco. However there is no obvious railway connection, it is mainly across country apart from ending with a jump across what might be a railway cutting but is not obviously SVRSevern Valley Railway. The scene can be seen in this YouTube clip starting here.--Robin (talk) 23:00, 10 January 2020 (UTC)