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Ironbridge Station, officially named Ironbridge & Broseley, was situated in Ironbridge, 27 miles from Hartlebury and 13¾ miles from Shrewsbury. The station was built on the west bank of the Severn, immediately south of Abraham Darby’s bridge after which the town was named. The station was probably used more by the people of Broseley, situated about ½ mile away on the same side of the river, and the site of tile and clay pipe making industries. Ironbridge town itself is on the east bank, and crossing the bridge required payment of a toll until 1950, a fact that undoubtedly discouraged passengers from Ironbridge using the station. Nearby Coalbrookdale, also on the east bank, had its own station on the Wellington-Much Wenlock line.

The station closed along with the Severn Valley Line in 1963, and the site today has become a pay and display car park for Ironbridge visitors.


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