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The Heritage Skills Training Academy was launched in September 2013 and offers formal Apprenticeships to the over 16s. It should not be confused with the SVR Apprentices which enables youngsters aged 11 to 13 inclusive who are interested in railways to apply to join in various activities.

Within the Academy scheme, around six young people work and learn across different departments: locomotive running, boiler shop, carriage mechanical and carriage bodywork. Initially, apprentices rotate around these departments to gain experience and knowledge across a range of trades. After two years, they are assigned to one of the departments to pursue a specialisation. Apprentices work towards nationally-recognised NVQ 2 and 3 level qualifications and the Academy has an association with Heart of Worcester College, Telford College of Arts and Technology, Dudley College and, through them, the Black Country museum. Two apprentices are recruited annually through a national recruitment process, as SVRSevern Valley Railway seeks people who are enthusiastic about railways but not rail enthusiasts.[1][2][3][4]


The Academy is majority funded by the SVR Charitable Trust. It costs £21,000 to fund an apprentice for one year, and the Trust funded £165,125 in 2017 (2016: £35,000).[5]

The Trust secured an HLFHeritage Lottery Fund (National Lottery Heritage Fund from 2019) grant of £95,000 towards the restoration of 4930 Hagley Hall, the grant including the restoration being used as a learning and resource tool for the Acadamy apprentices.[6] Alongside volunteers and engineering staff, apprentices from the Academy are playing an active part in this work.

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