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The Hampton Loade Station Fund Shop

Hampton Loade Station Fund maintains and enhances the appearance of Hampton Loade Station. The fund have a fund raising shop in their GWR Fruit D Van 3467 which is situated in the siding, along with GWR Fruit C 2815 which is used as a store.

The fund also is a minor shareholder of Severn Valley Railway (Holdings) PLC.[1]

Classic bike day

The Fund organises an annual gathering of classic motorcycles at Hampton Loade Station, normally in October with up to 20 vehicles in attendance. It has been taking place for many years although 2016 was the first time it was publicised, via Hampton Loade Station's Facebook page. It does not usually publish a list of exhibits, generally owners who are available simply bring their bikes on the day.

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  1. Full list of shareholders at 24 June 2016