Demonstration Goods Train

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Goods train passing Bewdley Goods Shed

A demonstration goods train is run during the Spring Steam Gala and Autumn Steam Gala and offers a rare opportunity to see, and hear, a train of loose coupled (ie. unbraked) wagons. A variety of locos are used, with typically 12 to 18 wagons. As the wagons are mostly unbraked, a brake van (guard's van), is also used at the rear. When not in use, the wagons are usually stored in Bewdley Down Yard.

For the 2017 Autumn Steam Gala, members of the public were able to ride in the brake van of the goods train.

Demonstration Trains used at Severn Valley Steam Galas

2015 Spring Gala

2018 Goods Gala

2018 Goods Gala demonstration freight train

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