Brooksmouth Bridge

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Brooksmouth Bridge

Brooksmouth Bridge is a small cast iron footbridge, via which the towpath on the west bank of the River Severn crosses Borle Brook downstream from Borle Viaduct.

The bridge was built by the Coalbrookdale Company of Ironbridge in 1828, pre-dating the building of the Severn Valley Railway by more than 30 years. At that time goods traffic was transported on the River Severn in barges called Severn Trows. These were hauled upstream against the current by horses, or by men known as ‘bow hauliers’, making use of the towpath.[1]

Today the towpath forms part of the Severn Way, by which pedestrians may walk along the river bank between Arley and Highley. The bridge can be seen from the SVRSevern Valley Railway and is one of the items featured in From The Window.


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