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J.A. (Alun) Rees was the SVRSevern Valley Railway's Chief Engineer between 1974 and 2001 and also SVR General Manager between 1993 and 2006.

Chief Engineer

Alun held the position of 'Assistant to the General Manager' (then Hugh Mossop) in 1973,[1] before being re-designated Chief Engineer in mid-1974.[2] During his time as Chief Engineer he oversaw the restoration of many locomotives, most notably the NRM's Black 5 LMS 5000 between 1977 and 1979[3] which was subsequently referred to as his 'personal steed'.[4]. As 'Nula Seer', Alun was responsible in 1985 for the 1985 April Fool's repaint into BRBritish Rail or British Railways Black of GWR 3717 City of Truro.

General Manager

Alun was appointed acting General Manager In mid-1993 following the departure of Michael Draper.[5] His appointment as permanent GM was confirmed in spring 1994,[6] although unlike Mr Draper he was not appointed as an SVRSevern Valley Railway Director. Following his appointment, Alun continued to hold the position of Chief Engineer until spring 2001 when John Dora assumed that role.[7]

During Alan's tenure as GM, Kidderminster Carriage Shed was built and Kidderminster station building East wing and canopy completed, together with the freehold at Kidderminster purchased with the support of the 1994 share offer. SVR Passenger numbers grew from 194,000 to 245,000.

After serving as General Manager for some thirteen years, Alun retired from the role on 31 May 2006. He was succeeded as General Manager by Colin Binch.[8] He continued as an SVRSevern Valley Railway driver, his last official turn on 3 January 2010 appropriately being on a 'Midland' engine LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway 43106[9].

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