WD 4607 'Rectank' Tank Carrier Wagon

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WD 4607 'Rectank' Tank Carrier Wagon
WD 4607 20150402.jpg
WD Rectank Tank Carrier 4607
Built By L&YR Horwich
Status In service
Number WGC 4607
Built 1918
Type Bogie flat wagon
Capacity 35 tons
Telegraphic code RECTANK
1994 Arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway

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This bogie flat wagon was designed by the War Department as a tank transporter and built on their behalf in 1918 by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway at their Horwich works. This class of wagon had a 35 ton capacity and was known by the telegraphic code 'RECTANK'. It saw service with the L&YR which became part of the LMSLondon Midland & Scottish Railway in 1923.[1]

It was acquired by SVR(H) and arrived at the SVRSevern Valley Railway in September 1994 direct from military use at Kineton, carrying the Army identity WGC 4607, and bearing a large water tank.[1] Shortly after arrival a bent drawbar was straightened and the mountings for the water tank removed.[2] It has since been used by the SVRSevern Valley Railway for carrying rails and other heavy loads, and was photographed alongside Kidderminster Carriage Shed in April 2015.

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