SR 56291 Bogie Brake Van

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SRSouthern Railway 56291 Bogie Brake Van
SR 56291 Bogie Brake Van.jpg
SRSouthern Railway Brake Van 56291 (Jan 2016)
Built By SRSouthern Railway Lancing/Ashford
Status Unrestored
Number 56291
Other Numbers KDS 56291
Built 1936
Diagram 1550
Lot 867
Type Brake Van
Telegraphic code ‘Queen Mary’
Brakes Vacuum braked
1975 Entered preservation
1985 Appeared on the main line

Goods Wagons

SRSouthern Railway Brake Van 56291 (Apr 2015)

The majority of goods brake vans were of the 20 ton type. However 56291 is an example of a Southern Region 25 ton brake van, equipped with vacuum brakes and fitted with redundant carriage bogies to allow running at up to 75 mph on fast mail and parcel trains. These type of brake vans were often used on boat trains from Southampton, earning them the nickname “Queen Mary”. [1]

Service and Preservation

56291 was built by the SRSouthern Railway at Lancing/Ashford in 1936 to Diagram 1550, Lot 867.[2] Post-nationalisation it was used in BRBritish Rail or British Railways’s Southern and Western regions, ending service in BRBritish Rail or British Railways’s S&TSignals & Telegraph Department works trains, for which it was renumbered KDS 56291.[1]

56291 arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 27 November 1993 from London’s Old Oak Common. It is privately owned by J.J. Smith and is stored at the Stourport Triangle awaiting restoration.

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