SR 1174 Parcels and Miscellaneous Van

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SRSouthern Railway 1174 Parcels and Miscellaneous Van
SR 1174 20150307.jpg
SRSouthern Railway Parcels Van 1174
Built By Ashford
Status In service
Number 1174
Other Numbers DS70004
Built 1936
Diagram 3103
Lot 824
Type Parcels Van
Telegraphic code PMV
1988 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway

Goods Wagons

1174 was designated by the Southern Railway as a Parcels and Miscellaneous Van or “PMV”. It has a narrow body profile for use on SRSouthern Railway lines with restricted gauge such as that to Hastings, and was based on a 1921 South East and Chatham Railway design. It was used to carry livestock, newspapers, mail and parcels on Express Passenger services, denoted by the letters XP which it carries.[1]


1174 was built by the Southern Railway at Ashford, Kent in 1936 to Diagram 3103, Lot 824.[2] After leaving revenue-earning service it was renumbered DS70004 and used as a DepartmentalRolling stock used for the railway’s own functions (engineering etc.) rather than for general passenger or goods traffic. tool and mess van for point-heater fitters, before being withdrawn from service and moved to Cohen’s Scrap Yard at Kingsbury. It was rescued from there in July 1988[1].


1174 arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway from Kingsbury on 11 July 1988. It was used as a tool and workshop van at Kidderminster, receiving a repaint into SRSouthern Railway Malachite green livery at the North Star Carriage Works at Kidderminster in 1997.[1]. It received another repaint in 2004 as part of a work experience scheme.[3]

Stock Book 8 (1990) recorded the owner as J.A. McNally. Stock Book 9 (1998) recorded it as B Bessey and J. McNally. SVRSevern Valley Railway News 149 (Winter 2004-05) referred to it being owned by 'one of our regular workshop volunteers, Brian Bessey'.

The main photograph above shows 1174 outside Kidderminster Carriage Shed in March 2015.In 2022 it was reported by station staff to be at Bewdley with a tarpaulin over the roof, presumably because of leaks. It is not considered as part of the heritage goods wagon fleet and so may move at any time, depending on what is stored in it when it is needed elsewhere.

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