Mobile Elevating Work Platform

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Mobile Elevating Work Platform

The SVR(H) acquired this Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWPMobile elevating work platform) in November 2020. A video was published on the the SVRSevern Valley Railway YouTube channel. The purchase was partly funded by Severn Valley Railway Company Limited, the "Guarantee Company".[1]

It is manufactured by Platform Basket, one of the largest aerial platform manufacturers in Italy. Its EVN/RIV number is 99709 942098-3. The previous owners were Promax Access and it carried the Fleet Number 008.[2]

The MEWPMobile elevating work platform has road-rail capability. It is mainly used by the S&TSignals & Telegraph Dept for signal post access. The replacement of the Bewdley South wooden bracket signal in October 2020 involved the hire of a MEWPMobile elevating work platform which, it was reported, "...was invaluable as it allowed us to do all the necessary work without having to climb any signal ladders".[3] The SVRSevern Valley Railway acquired its own MEWPMobile elevating work platform the following month.

It is also sometimes used by other departments, as for example on 29 January 2021 the IT department installed a high-speed data network on the Kidderminster site, the MEWPMobile elevating work platform used in installing radio links in several locations in Kidderminster Carriage Shed. The project was funded by the Department of Media, Culture & Sport’s Culture Recovery Fund COVID-19 grant.[4]

The picture below shows the MEWPMobile elevating work platform in use at Kidderminster in May 2021. Also visible is the old Kidderminster Footbridge which was replaced during 2022.

The MEWPMobile elevating work platform was used in maintaining the Hampton Loade down distant signal. Reports of the work were shown on the SVR YouTube channel in 2021 and published in Branchlines in 2022.

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