January 25

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GWRGreat Western Railway 813
On January 25 in SVRSevern Valley Railway history.
  • 1895 Thirty three years after the coming of the railway, the last commercial voyage on the Shropshire portion of the River Severn ended when the barge Harry hit Bridgnorth Bridge and sank.[1]
  • 1934 The GWRGreat Western Railway sold GWR 813 to Robert Stephenson & Co for £360. After overhaul the locomotive was sold on to Backworth Colliery, Northumberland where it worked for a further 33 years.[2]
  • 1969 The five upper sections of the ex-Pensnett signal box were lifted into place at Bridgnorth.[3]
  • 2007 An official photo session was held with LMR 600 Gordon which had been cosmetically restored in preparation for entry into The Engine House.[4]

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