GWR 60906 Ballast Wagon

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GWRGreat Western Railway 60906 Ballast Wagon
GWR 60906 20150307.jpg
GWRGreat Western Railway 60906 Ballast Wagon
Built By GWRGreat Western Railway Swindon
Status Operational
Number 60906
Other Numbers IU 070062
Built circa 1915
Diagram P14
Lot 793
Type 4-wheel ballast wagon
Capacity 10 tons
Telegraphic code None
1990 Entered preservation
1991 Arrived on SVRSevern Valley Railway
2000 Restoration commenced

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GWRGreat Western Railway 10-ton 4-wheel steel ballast wagon 60906 was built at Swindon to Diagram P14, Lot 793.[1] Diagram P14 was a 1911 design of which 300 were ordered and 270 eventually built. It featured two doors per side, 7ft 3in in clear, with two 6in end pillars and a 4½in centre pillar. P14 was the only one of the 'P' (ballast and sand wagon) diagrams to be fitted with GWRGreat Western Railway self-contained buffers, similar to a locomotive buffer.[2]


The exact build date of 60906 is variously quoted as 'circa 1911',[3] 1913[4] and 1915.[1] 60906 saw service with the GR and BRBritish Rail or British Railways(W) and later with Associated British Ports at Cardiff where it carried Internal UserRolling stock used for the railway’s internal purposes (stores etc.) at one fixed location. number 070062.[3]


60906 was acquired by The GWR 813 Preservation Fund in 1990[5] and arrived on the SVRSevern Valley Railway on 31 March 1991 from Cardiff Docks.[3].

The restoration of GWRGreat Western Railway 60906 was one of the items featured in an episode of the 2001 TV series “ Off the Rails” featuring Vince Henderson. The restoration began in summer 2000 with the filming taking place in October 2000. The chassis was found to be in generally good condition apart from the headstocksThe underframe member across each end of a wagon carrying the buffers and coupling. Known as the Bufferbeam on a locomotive. which had been damaged by many years of rough shunting and required welding. The floor, door and end panels all required replacement, as did all the springs.[4] The overhaul was eventually completed in May 2002 after repainting in GWRGreat Western Railway Engineer’s black livery, including branding to 'Shrewsbury Division' which was responsible for the original Severn Valley Branch.[6]

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