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A Man Called Intrepid was a 1979 TV mini-series of 3 episodes about William Stephenson and his role in Allied espionage during World War 2. It starred David Niven, Michael York and Barbara Hershey.[1]

The film was based on a 1976 biography of Stephenson, also titled 'A Man Called Intrepid', by the similarly-named Canadian author William Stevenson. A number of former intelligence personnel and historians have criticised the book for inaccuracies.[2]

Filming on the SVRSevern Valley Railway

Episode 1 included a brief night time scene filmed at Bewdley Station. Episode 2 included a six minute scene with Barbara Hershey, set in occupied France, filmed at the western portal of Bewdley Tunnel and inside the tunnel itself.

Locomotive 6443 was used for filming. In early 1978 it had been turned to face south for filming Hanover Street and The Thirty Nine Steps but was turned to face north again for filming this TV series (both turns were carried out on the BRBritish Rail or British Railways network with a diesel pilot as the SVRSevern Valley Railway had no turntable at the time)[3].

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